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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

I think that's the first time

I've actually watched all the seasons of a show available on Netflix. I'm not a binge watcher, and I prefer to watch shows with friends. But we watched the last episode of 'Haven' today, and season 5 isn't on Netflix yet. :( And that means I won't hear the happy music in the opening for awhile, either:

I'm tempted to buy the theme from Amazon, although it's 99 cents for about 54 seconds of music, which I think is a bit much. Maybe next time I get a credit. There's a piano version in Prime Music, but it's not the same, and I prefer the original.

Okay, I've got a field of vision test and a trip to the opthamologist early tomorrow, so I should think about going on to bed. But I'm glad we finally saw the fourth season through, even though it ended with so many questions that will hopefully be answered in the fifth, which will hopefully be on Netflix sooner than later.

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