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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Tonight I have:

  1. Paid my rent.
  2. Put some money away for my tax preparation fees.
  3. Took a friend to the library.
  4. Returned books and a couple of DVDs myself.
  5. Picked up a guide to March events at the library.
  6. Ate dinner.
  7. Fed the animals and let the dogs out and in.
  8. Started some herb bread making for the potluck tomorrow at work.
  9. Helped YKWIA with some Latin, mainly by lending an ear.
  10. Watered the plants.
  11. Finally got into my e-mail and made my selections for two specialties from a collection development project four days past the deadline.
  12. Resisted the urge to cuddle with the cat, no matter how demanding he was.
  13. Kept YKWIA company while he made clafoutis for me to take to the potluck tomorrow.
We're having a St. Patrick's potluck, a meeting, and a training tomorrow.  Clinic is light.  I'm making ther herb bread that was a hit last time.  It's baking right now.

The week in review:

Sunday--got to play the game, which was fun.
Monday--major snowstorm with up to 10 inches of snow hitting Lexington. I took the bus in to work and back, and was exhausted at the end of the day.  One of my department co-workers fell, broke his leg, and had surgery today for ligament damage.
Tuesday and Wednesday--very busy at work but got everything taken care of at work.
Today--fairly pleasant at work, and then busy afterwards.  It's almost 10 pm and YKWIA is working on the dessert, and I'm just now free to blog.  Sorry I haven't done much lately.  I just ate an apple (Kroger had organic honeycrisps on sale for 99 cents per pound), and the cat is trying to play with the sticker, which is cute, but he's been making himself a nuisance because he really wants me to lie down and let him clamber up on me and cuddle.  I think I've spoilt him.

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