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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Watched two things this weekend

Twice,  actually -- once with YKWIA on Saturday,  the second with him and Brenda today.  The first was the movie Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, based on the quirky novel of the same name by Seth Grahame-Smith that blends Jane Austen's classic work with horror. It was a fun movie.  Regency costumes are beautiful,  and whoever did the costumes for this did an excellent job,  not only capturing the period look,  but making them serviceable for concealing a number of daggers and other weapons while looking sexy,  too. This garnered approval from the two history people and one professional costumer,  all of whom play in or run a game where they regularly keep various weapons on their characters' persons.

The second thing was an episode of 'Black Mirror', from season 3, episode 1, called "Nosedive",  in which there is a society where an individual's worth is their social media rating (which affects everything from your credit to getting housing to being able to even enter a building to go to work).  This leads to a superficial and desperate populace continually trying to please and appease everyone around them. The main character is invited to a wedding,  and things collapse in the attempt to get there. All of the show's episodes show,  in 'Twilight Zone'-like fashion,  some horrific aspect of our modern technological world and what it could lead to. This was the first episode I've seen,  but I definitely want to set more.  It definitely leaves a disturbing  image of what could be afterwards,  and gets you to think about the downside to technology afterwards.

Okay,  A should be calling for a ride in a few minutes, and I must get up early. I should go.  Good night.

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