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Monday, June 03, 2002


Well, the Internet connexion at work was down on Friday, so I didn't get to post my lunchtime musings then. I feel like I'm way behind. Fortuately, the Friday Five site was taking a break, so I didn't miss anything by not posting.

Odd news of the week: A house was attacked by radioactive tumbleweeds recently. You may laugh, but this isn't that unusual. In fact, while I was looking for the news link, I found an episode guide for the 1970s show Emergency! [from which I derived most of my medical knowledge prior to becoming a medical librarian] with a similar theme. I would certainly be concerned by the possible radiation. Also, for those of you who have not been blessed to live in the Western United States at some point and may not realise this, tumbleweeds hurt if you come into contact with them, because they have stickers. I discovered this walking through a vacant lot out in Edwards AFB in junior high school. We'd gotten snow and school was out and there were steps down into this lot. I couldn't tell that it was full of tumbleweeds, because they were covered in snow, until I stepped down into about stickers up to my rear end. Not fun.

Saturday I went home and had a very good visit. I got there fairly late because my ride got stuck in traffic for an hour due to a bad motorcycle accident, but everyone was doing well. My mom, grandmother, and I spent a lot of time out on the porch where there was a nice breeze, just talking.

Yesterday I washed my dog, brushed her teeth, clipped her nails, and let her run and roll in the grass to her heart's content. Then we went over to D's and I played the game. I got to assassinate a murderous werewolf in a swank club with my shapechanger by injecting silver dioxide from glands in her mouth during CPR after our telepath had gotten the werewolf to pass out by forgetting to breathe. It was a creative use of skills, I think. Then Zabet's hubby and I tinkered with my computer for many hours trying to get a game to work. Still no luck, but we'll try again Wednsday when we're not brain dead.

It's muggy here in Lexington and definitely feels like high summer rather than late spring. I overslept this morning and it was a little harder to walk to work than normal. My asthma kicks in when it gets muggy. One nice surprise, though, was that our IS department showed up with a 17-inch monitor this morning. I've had a 13- or 14-inch, and everything looks SO much better now.

Well, I'm going to try to get up and move around for a bit so I don't become part of the computer. I'll try to write again tomorrow.

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