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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

The storm that hit

while I gave A a ride to the grocery and his meeting was rather strong, although we didn't lose power. We waited outside the meeting because it was raining so hard I wouldn't really be able to see to drive (especially as it was dusk), and he didn't want to get super-wet. But I did drop him off in the rain and drove back to YKWIA's to deliver something, and even though it was almost dark, there was actually a rainbow. I got over there, helped with the pet feeding, sent them out during a lull in the rain, and we watched 'Legion'. We're a little behind on episodes; after this one, there was the one from last week (which I'll try to see tomorrow) and then I think a new one showed tonight (neither of us have cable TV; we watch on his Hulu subscription). This was almost entirely in David's mind. I cannot begin to say what a very good job they've done with the show and with the character, and Dan Stevens is superb. For all that I worked in a comic store years ago, and enjoy comics, I'm somewhat wary of comic-related shows and movies (they're often quite wrong, for one thing, as YKWIA will tell you, and too caught up in special effects and big explosions), but this Marvel show is very cerebral, as it should be. Although I know the basic premiss of Legion in the comics, thanks to YKWIA, I haven't read those books, so the differences don't really bother me too much.

Now I'm home, eating bean and cheese burritos, and I'm thinking I'll wait till tomorrow morning to take out the trash and recyclables, as it's still raining. But I do have a few more things I can get done before bedtime.

PS Actually, YKWIA have had a very long conversation on the phone. It's almost time for bed. Good night.

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