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Thursday, April 13, 2017


Today was the second time in my life I have seen a bluebird. I was over by Good Foods Co-op. The first time was standing at the bus stop at Shriners a few years ago (there are woids nearby, a golf course across the street, and the hospital was on 29 or so acres of rolling bluegrass). Each time it was magical. I love birds, and watch them attending to their daily activities with interest, but somehow, I guess from not living in the country, I missed out on bluebirds as a kid.


Bob said...

They're more common in some areas than others. In the Charlotte, NC suburb I currently live in, they are quite common.

Eilir said...

Years ago when I was a member of the local Unitarian church, one of the members was a biology professor who built houses for them and put them on fence rows in the areato encourage them. They apparently used to be fairly common here. I hope they're making a comeback. What surprised me was how dark and iridescent a blue it is - pictures and other likenesses made me think they'd be lighter.

Eilir said...

Okay. Now I'm unsure. Maybe I saw a barn swallow instead, as the blue was closer to that and sometimes you can't see the white on them. The shapes are different, but I only saw them briefly in each case. If that's the case, maybe I still haven't seen a bluebird.