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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

So far today

I have:
  • Gotten up and ready
  • Gotten gas with the $10 of quarters I'd taken out for laundry at the apartment complex (but I did my laundry at YKWIA's)
  • Gotten breakfast at McDonald's (two egg and cheese biscuits)
  • Gotten something with caffeine (with my last couple of dollars)
  • Spoken with a former co-worker who'd also been laid off I'd run into at Kroger and checked on how she's doing
  • Gotten my allergy shots (the first on the highest build, red, and there was quite a bit of local itching right after)
  • Eaten breakfast
  • Enrolled in COBRA
  • Put Ed Sheeran's album on Bluetooth playing from my phone to my speaker in the living room
I do feel better today. Last night I gave a libation of an entire bottle of wine, some honey, some lavender flowers--both dried and fresh--and prayed about the whole situation that's causing me stress. That really helped. I'm glad it happened to be dark of the moon. :)

Now there's the rest of the day to plan out. I think I'll call YKWIA and find out when he wants to get together, so I can plan around that and get some things done at the house. I'd like to put the windows up and just start clearing some things out, plus working on some of the areas I haven't gotten to. With all the stuff I brought from my desk and everything else, it's kind of hard to get around here. None of that has been put away, really. It's just a disaster, really. So today (and maybe Friday), I'm going to work on it and see what I can do.

Okay, let me go make that phone call.

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