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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Wow, what a mess

How absolutely brazen--and of course, it's the libraries and their patrons that will suffer because of it. This is a good reminder of the importance of maintaining transparency and also accountability of boards:

In New Orleans, scandal tarnishes a jazz star and the libraries he was asked to help
The lavish spending during this time by NOJO [The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra] has made the Grammy-winning trumpeter the target of a three-year federal probe following media reports that showed how he [Irvin Mayfield] and business associate Ronald Markham directed more than $1 million from a private foundation tasked to aid the city’s beleaguered public library system to NOJO, where both men have drawn six-figure salaries. The situation has enraged the city’s philanthropic community and shrunk library donations. A financial audit released late last year shows that NOJO paid Mayfield’s production company hundreds of thousands of dollars. An accounting of where and how money was spent was practically nonexistent.

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