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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Here's something kind of uplifting

3 1/2 years ago I was hit by a car and was stuck at home for three months with a broken ankle. I was hopping on one leg with a walker (I couldn't manage crutches at all, given that I have no upper body strength), and rented a fold-up manual wheelchair for going to doctors' visits and to get around a little better. It's amazing how much it helped my mobility. Inside my apartment, it only worked in the living, dining room, and kitchen (although I knocked a little paint off the doorway getting from the the second to last one). I couldn't get down the hallway and into the bedroom, and certainly couldn't get into the bathroom, where the door was actually too narrow for the walker without moving it back and forth, BUT it taught me a valuable lesson about mobility and access, a lesson I appreciate even more because I work in a pediatric orthopaedic hospital where many kids use walkers and wheelchairs.

Amputee Tortoise Gets Moving With Wheels
A plucky female tortoise is winning the hearts of the Indian public as it races around its zoo enclosure on an improvised set of wheels. The animal lost its front right leg in a mongoose attack, and zookeepers added the wheels in a short operation after they noticed the animal couldn't move around and reach its food

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