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Monday, July 04, 2016

Well, I'm up

two hours after I planned to be and feeling terribly hung over, as I've only really had about four-and-a-half hours' sleep total. I'd gone and gotten A from his job at midnight, so I was asleep about an hour and a half before the power went out. It took me a little while to go back to sleep after the power came on, so I slept maybe from 6-9 am. Now I've opened the windows in the living room, since I still had the one in the bedroom open (it had gotten stuffy last night, and with the rain, it's cooler). I've had of all things bean and cheese burritos for breakfast, and I'm working on a cup of caffeine. (No, it isn't coffee, I'm not a big coffee fan. But I still had a little soda from this weekend.) I need to take my medicine and start working on the house. It isn't currently raining, so I'm thinking taking out the trash and recyclables should be my first task. Then I'm going to unload and load the dishwasher. I have a list of tasks from there. I think if I put the radio on, it'll help motivate me. I feel so groggy. I suspect there will be nap breaks today. :)

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