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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

So I'm off work today

mainly because I have a noon doctor's appointment and another at 2:30 pm, so that was going to take most of the day. I also have a book review due today, so I need to work on that. I don't have much PTO, but I had enough to cover yesterday and today. I'm feeling all achy and not quite with it this morning. My blood sugar's fine; I think all this rain and my allergies are causing some issues. But the sun is starting to peek out, at least.

Last night's fireworks were fun. We got a slight amount of rain while waiting for them to start, but things cleared up pretty well before dark. My legs really went to sleep in the chair I brought, one of those foldable ones that were given as an employee gift years ago. I will say, though, it held my weight, which was very good, and rather than being nylon, this is actually canvas. I don't think they make them quite like that anymore.

Every year (or practically every year, with a couple of exceptions) since I have worked at the hospital, I have enjoyed the Idle Hour Country Club's fireworks display. My workplace has a huge front lawn that slopes down to the street (it's on 29 acres of land), and people come and put out blankets and chairs to watch them. Most people park along the lane or along Richmond Road, but those of us who are employees are allowed to park in our lot with our badges. So it's an annual ritual for me, practically.

This is the last Fourth of July that I will be a Shriners employee. The hospital is moving over by the University of Kentucky as an ambulatory care centre, and neither of my jobs are going to the new facility. The current building will be sold, and there's uncertainty over whether the tradition of fireworks watching from the lawn will continue. And of course, I won't be parking in the lot anymore. So it was a little bittersweet. I took a video of the fireworks (but watched them away from the screen). It was fun, despite the damp and the legs falling to sleep.

My trouble began when I got back to the car; my seat belt had become twisted and locked in its channel--it wouldn't budge. I pulled at it and tried to free it for a good 30 minutes, there in the dark, enough time that most everyone had gone. I couldn't get it free, and I really needed to get home and go the bathroom, for one. So I did something for the first time in my life: I drove home without a seat belt on. Apparently my car will remind you by dinging every 30 seconds insistently. I felt very exposed. I didn't realise how much safer my seat belt makes me feel, and I didn't even consider the air bags--it was as if there was nothing between me and the window. I will occasionally not buckle up in the back seat, mainly in taxis, or in the front passenger seat if I was having trouble in someone else's car, but I buckled up even as a child religiously, and have always worn the belts while driving. It was nerve-wracking. Keep in mind I'm an anxious driver anyway. So I got home, and I decided to give it one more go before going in, and I was finally able to free it. I pulled so hard I actually got the loop it goes through shifted over a plastic part it shouldn't have gone over, and had to put it back, but it's working now. I was getting out of the car when YKWIA called, and we talked for awhile before I went to bed. It all worked out in the end. But I got very frustrated for awhile.

I've felt off a bit all weekend. It was my time of the month, for one. I got no sleep or maybe just a bit, which was interrupted by the power outage, Saturday night. It put a real kink into yesterday. I'm going to try ot make up a little today for my lack of activity then, but I simply won't have the same amount of time, with the two appointments, and the one with my GP will no doubt take awhile. I'm just getting lab results, but afternoon appointments tend to drag, and this is the first day after a holiday, so they'll be busy.

Okay, I should go take a shower and get some things done before I go. I did fill out all my paperwork, which took awhile, and I've called to make sure this new office doesn't require me to register down on the first floor like the sleep centre does. Have a good day!

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