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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Thanks to Bill

who first introduced me to 'I Am Stretched on Your Grave', who suggested this version, which may be the original I heard (I don't remember it being a duet, though), is beautiful, AND includes the stanza about the priests and the friars that I learned that was missing in the one below, along with the exact wording I learned. I highly recommend it. Bob commented on the Kate Rusby version, which I love, as well--it's on my phone. I don't care that much for Sinéad O'Connor's--too pop-like; I prefer the folk style better, which is why I like this version better. This is by the Voice Squad:

Here's another song that Bill introduced me to all those years ago (not the same version, but close). It's a song credited to David Dodds, sung by Nigel Parry, called 'The Magpie':

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