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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The last few days

I have come home and basically crashed before dark.  This weekend I got up in the middle of the night to get someone from work,  otherwise I think I would have slept the night through.  And while I did get up and do my nightly tasks tonight, like taking medicine and flossing,  and I find I'm both tired and restless at the same time right now,  I generally have been okay during the day but feel beat at night.  I'm wondering if my iron is dipping down.  I am on iron due to a deficiency, and I made the mistake of giving blood two weeks ago,  then had my period,  bleeding for four days,  and now I've bled again for five,  and it's worse at night for some reason.  My nurse practitioner said giving blood was the equivalent to three periods,  so in two weeks I've lost the equivalent of five months' worth of blood.  No wonder I'm tired. I'm definitely calling that gynaecologist's office tomorrow,  as this shows no sign of stopping, and it's not just spotting,  but rather sustained bleeding that gets heavier at night. Due to my diabetes and weight,  I'm at a higher risk for issues like fibroids or cancer,  so they suggest seeing a doctor then, according to one thing I read.  It certainly couldn't hurt. I think I'll ask the ladies I lunch with if they've experienced this, as most are post-menopausal and at least one had had a hysterectomy. I could use a little advice.  My best friend--a gay man--insists that I need a girlfriend for just such matters,  as he is neither qualified to give advice nor really wanting to hear about this stuff. And I may call a woman  I game with,  as I seem to recall she had some issues,  too. We'll see.  Thanks for putting up with my ramblings about this,  especially you guys out there.

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