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Monday, July 04, 2016

There's a torrential downpour outside

and it's very dark and gloomy; without the lights on inside I could barely see where I was going. It might as well be dusk. I'm glad I got the stuff to go outside taken out and taken care of. The geraniums are being watered, at least. I just hope the power stays on. I've got the windows closed and the air conditioning back on, as it was very muggy.

At some point this morning, I rethought my plan of attack for the house. I was so zombie-like this morning from lack of sleep, and it's not like I plan on going anywhere else today except the fireworks tonight (unless it's doing this outside), and I'm also off for two doctor's appointments a very short distance away tomorrow, and the first one isn't till noon. So I went back to sleep from about 10 am to noon, and feel much better. I need more caffeine, though, and I'm not going out right now. :) The rain and gloominess are making me sleepy.

Apparently having my power off reset both the boom box radio (which isn't a big deal, as it has a numerical indicator of what station it's on) and the tower speaker (which is, as there is no indication whatsoever as to where you are on the dial). I tried syncing them up by sound, but couldn't get the station I wanted to come in on the speaker. I'll try later.

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