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Saturday, July 02, 2016

I've been a little nauseous and dizzy for the last two hours

Which has made driving/riding in a car somewhat disconcerting, although I didn't get full-out motion sick. It was actually worse when I was still or if I were going 45 or over. Every now and again I have issues during my time of the month, which it is, and trust me, I'm ready for menopause, even with all its joys. I was beginning to think I'd skip this month, like I did in January, because I was four days late (that doesn't have the same terror to it that it did in my early 20s). But it worked out, since my iron was good for giving blood Thursday. :) But I'm feeling a little better now that I'm eating some burritos.

My friends are at their appointment and one will call me when they're finished. I've gone by the pharmacy and gotten the medicine for one of them, and lo, my medicine was also ready (I thought it would be next week), so I picked up those, too. Fortunately I hit my out-of-pocket maximum sometime in February, so all I have to pay for is my iron tablets, and I still have some money on my flexible spending card. Then I came back home, printed out something from my phone (I love being able to do that over the Wi-Fi network) that I'd edited on my phone from an e-mail YKWIA sent (again, love being able to do that), and am basically ready to go back out in about an hour. I'll need to take one or both of them to the grocery, and then take them to their respective places, and that's all I have planned for today with them. I still have the DVD from last week to watch with YKWIA; we'll probably do that sometime this weekend.

Hope yours is going well so far. I think I'm going to check out the news and Facebook and see what's going on in the world.

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