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Monday, May 25, 2015

Wow--that's just, horrible

More on the cyclist's death the other day.

Police: 'Cold beer in cup holder' of truck that killed cyclist
Police found a "cold beer in the cup holder" of the truck that killed Lexington Lawyer Mark Hinkel during the Horsey Hundred.

Odilon Paz-Salvador told the arresting officer he had drank six beers and smoked marijuana before the fatal crash at 1235 Lemons Mill Road Saturday, according to the police report.

Hinkel, 57, was struck head on, hit the windshield of the black Dodge truck driven by Paz-Salvador. The impact, according to the police report, left "a huge hole" in the windshield. Hinkel landed, bleeding but alive, on the bed cover of the truck.

Paz-Salvador, who doesn't have a driver's license or Social Security number, drove nearly three miles with Hinkel in his truck.

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