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Thursday, May 14, 2015

It looks like I will be almost certainly

be teaching a class from June 3rd to August 26th. It is from 6:30 pm to 9 pm on Wednesdays. I am very excited, and I am looking forward to it. Oddly enough, my anxiety issues aren't hitting me when it comes to the idea of teaching the class. Some of the people are taking the class again, ones I know from when I took it, so I'll have some familiar faces. That will help. And a lot of the material is pretty much meant to be read to the class, so I'll have a script.

My main hurdle is not the teaching, not the material, not anything like that. It's getting to and from the training, which is in Louisville. The teaching gig is completely volunteer, but they will pay for my training and a hotel room in Louisville overnight during an upcoming weekend. This means driving to Louisville, for a person with driving anxiety who quite frankly has not been on an Interstate since 1993. Part of that was the fact I had either no car, or a car I didn't trust to get me over the Interstate, so I didn't go anywhere. But part of it is anxiety, as well.

So here is my plan of attack. Between now and the training, which will be June 6th, I'm going to go onto the Interstate around Lexington, get a feel for being back on it, and maybe go over to Frankfort or Richmond, two fairly short drives. Now, I've never actually driven in Louisville itself, I've always been a passenger, and there's some major construction going on right now there, but I'll worry about that when I have an idea about where the hotel is, etc. I have a co-worker from Louisville who said she could help me get alternate routes. And as an absolute Plan B, there US 60, which runs parallel all the way from Frankfort to Louisville, and I have about three ways that don't involve the Interstate that I can get to Frankfort. :)

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