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Saturday, May 23, 2015

So I got a little side-tracked

because my friends asked me to come over to their house to help with a project. But that is now complete, and I am now home again. I have the windows open again. A car alarm has been going off for several minutes now, but it has finally stopped. I have made two homemade traps for the fruit flies, one in the kitchen and one in the bath. These consist of a jelly jar with a piece of banana in it, with a taped piece of paper in the shape of a cone that has been placed inside the jar. The idea is that the flies can get in, but can't fly out, and get trapped in the jar, and then you can kill them or take them outside. We'll see if it works at all. It's one of those things that are popular on the Internet, but you don't really know if they work until you try.

So I should figure out what to do next. I'll leave the kitchen and bath alone to try to lure the flies in. That leaves the bedroom, which is a bit daunting, with the laundry that needs collecting, or the living/dining area, which is looking much better already, but will be where we watch the movie if I can get this place shaped up. We'll see. I think I will take a few minutes to enjoy this lovely afternoon, though. It's sunny, the birds are singing, and there's a light breeze. All in all, it's been a nice day. Then I'll work on the house for awhile, and see what progress I can make.

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