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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This is priceless!

Westboro Baptist Church Accidentally Condemns Ivory Coast In Anti-Gay Marriage Flag Fail
The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) has inadvertently declared its hatred of the Ivory Coast, after printing the Irish flag backwards on its placards.

The controversial religious group - famous for their homophobic attacks and hate-filled speeches - took to Twitter to share photos of its members protesting the monumental yes vote in the Irish Gay Marriage Referendum last week.

But there was a problem – the colours of the flags were reversed to orange, white and green - transforming the flag from that of Ireland, to that of the Ivory Coast .
For reference:
Flag of the Republic of Ireland

The colours of the flag of Ireland (also known as Éire in Irish), are 'green representing the Gaelic tradition of Ireland, orange representing the followers of William of Orange in Ireland, and white representing the aspiration for peace between them.'

Flag of the Ivory Coast

The colours of the flag of la Côte d'Ivoire 'were intended to symbolise the following: the orange colour stands for the land, the savannah found in the northern part and its fertility, the white represents peace, and the green represents hope and also the forest of the southern part of the country'.

So in both flags, white symbolises peace. It's a shame that the Westboro folks don't seem to know the meaning of peace and all it entails. But what do you expect of bigots?

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