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Thursday, May 14, 2015

I couldn't stand it any more

I've been actually straightening up the house, removing the various detritus that has accumulated. I have two small bags of trash ready to go out, two of recyclables plus a full recyclables container, and a bag of grocery bags to put in the trunk of my car for the next time we go to Kroger. I've corralled some of the reusable and lunch bags, as well as a satchel and a backpack/purse. There are two piles to go through, one on the TV stand in front of the TV and one on the end table. I've deleted old voice mails from that phone. I've vacuumed the computer keyboard and wiped it down with alcohol prep pads. I've gotten all the dishes together and ready to put in the dishwasher. It had gotten pretty bad. I haven't touched the rest of the house. That's just the living room and part of the kitchen, though. But if I can work an hour or two every day, I think I can get everything back to normal pretty soon. Then I can vacuum, and maybe get the carpet cleaned, as I never took advantage of that service I got for free when I renewed my lease, and it's almost up again. :) They offer a free cleaning most years.

I'm kind of pooped now. I think I'm going to go take my purse into the bedroom and move everything back to my tote bag for tomorrow. I'd changed to the bright pink purse because I had on a floral skirt, bright pink camisole and blouse, and an off-white lacy shrug on today, and it matched better than the tote. But I love my 'Chicago' tote. I got it in the airport at O'Hare for less than $20. It's a faded green colour (yeah, no purple, I'm afraid, although there was blue and brown, and maybe pink). It zips up, has a large zippered pocket with phone holders on it, and side pockets for drinks, etc., and a metal tab for hanging my keys on. I particularly like that there is a pocket inside that can store things I must be able to get a hold of immediately, such as my Epi-Pen and my albuterol inhaler and spacer. :) Everything fits very nicely. I have two plastic bags, clear ones that held a traveling kit of airline-safe liquids. One has all my medicine and diabetic supplies. One of them has things like a comb, nail clippers, lip balm, microfiber cloth and glass cleaner, and contacts cleaner and case--those things that go rolling around in a bag easily. That way, I can just change them between purses and bags with no trouble.

Tomorrow I'm going to get a loaned text for the class I'll be teaching, so I can read through it before the training. I am glad it'll be Friday tomorrow. It'll be jeans day at work, for one. And 'Grimm' will be on that evening, which is the season finale.

Okay, I'm going to go work on transferring things, and then I'll probably head on to bed, as tomorrow is one of my early days, and I'll be getting up at 6 am. Have a good night!

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