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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Home after a very long day

Today I:
  1. Loaded two carts of laundry, a backpack, a laptop bag, and a reusable grocery bag full of stuff into the car
  2. Stopped by the grocery for laundry detergent and a few things
  3. Backed up my friend's computer onto an external hard drive
  4. Prepared the their house for the game, doing the weekly chores
  5. Watched some 'Fairly OddParents' and bits of 'Law & Order'
  6. Did three loads of laundry
  7. Received two kinds of lettuce, kale, and green onions from Brenda's garden
  8. Tried to pill a dog that was outside by an air conditioning unit under a large poison ivy vine. I had two medicines to give her with some bread and Marmite. I managed to get the first down her but not the other. :( YKWIA is going to try later.
  9. Played the game and visited with YKWIA and Brenda
  10. With help, loaded everything back into the car
  11. Came home and got it all unloaded in two trips
  12. Emptied out the fruit fly traps and reset them (they're really helping)
I am so glad I put the air conditioning on before I left today, although I set it at 75, so it shouldn't have kicked on too much. I didn't stay for 'Salem'; I'm terribly behind, but YKWIA brought me up to speed. I'm a little tired, and just want to go on to bed, I think. I must remember not to get up and go to work in the morning; I keep forgetting it's a holiday.

Tomorrow my plan is to work on the house some more and then watch The Color Purple with friends. I also need to mop over there; I didn't get that finished before Brenda got there today. But all in all, I hope for a productive day.

Okay, I think this is where I say good night. Hope your weekend is going well.

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