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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Time for a break

I've gotten the dishes done and the majority of the living, dining, and kitchen picked up, so that things that shouldn't be there are now gone. The next step is to take out the recyclables and trash, as I am tripping over the bags. I have one bag of plastic Kroger bags to take out to the car, five 13-gallon bags of recyclables, and three bags of trash so far. A lot was stuff like mail and things from a fairly large container, and the trash includes the bathroom trash as well. But you can see what I was overwhelmed the other day. I also found the source of the fruit flies--a couple of overripe bananas that never made it back to the kitchen from a bag I'd taken to the game a couple of weeks ago. I'm hoping that once I take care of everything, they'll go find some other place to annoy. That's usually the case. And it's important to make sure all the dishes are clean and the sinks, because they're attracted to water. Now none of my dishes were sitting soured and wet, really, so that was good.

I think after I take everything out, I'm going to take a shower. Even though I'm certainly not finished with the cleaning, I'm feeling a little sticky. And I think it's time to break out the granny cart, since there are so many recyclables, etc.

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