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Saturday, May 23, 2015

I've been excavating the bedroom

Purses are now neatly hung up. Luggage is put up in the closet. Clean clothes are neatly folded, waiting for me to figure out where on earth to put them. I think it's time to put the cold-weather things into the big bin I keep them in during the summer so I can put the warm-weather clothes in the chest of drawers. The dirty laundry has been sorted into hand washables and regular. I'm going to try to get those out to the car tonight, so I don't have to fool with them in the morning, when I'm on a schedule. Fortunately my friends, who let me use their washing machine, have a hand-washable setting on it. That, plus the delicate cycle on the dryer, means I can wash most of them without having to drip dry.

Of course, the bed is now totally covered.

I did have to switch from my jean capris to some short because, well, they're a little big and they've stretched as I've moved throughout the day, and so they were falling off me. Fortunately that didn't happen at my friends' house or when I was out in public. I think it's time to give them to Goodwill. So they went into the pile to be washed so I can donate them.

I'm tired. This is really more than a day's project. I'm probably not going to have it worthy for visitors by tonight, although maybe I can work a little after the game or Monday morning, and then have them over in the afternoon. Or we'll gather around the computer in their library.

Speaking of watching TV, I was fiddling with mine earlier and discovered that Samsung has revamped things and apparently the Fitness module is no longer there, at least that I can see. And Netflix has not only Galaxy Quest, which I would like to watch, but also 'Battlestar Galactica' (the original series, which I loved, and I never got into the re-make), as well as it's companion series 'Galactica 1980', which I remember as awful, but still, I'd like to re-watch them. There's only 31 episodes between the two series. I know YKWIA will not watch with me, so I'll have to watch on my own. :)

Okay, I'm going to try to do something with the bedroom, maybe put Pandora or Galaxy Quest on the old TV that has a Roku box. I'm not sure I'll be doing any more writing tonight. If not, hope you're having a good weekend, and remember the reason behind the holiday, honouring those who have died, primarily in battle, but here in the South we decorate the graves of our ancestors regardless of service.

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