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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Okay, I did have to get up earlier than usual to take a friend to an appointment—my alarms were going off at 5 am and beyond, and I finally got up at 6. One of the women I eat with at lunch had a birthday, so I had some birthday cake, so my blood sugar went up, so that may be it, too. And it was a busy weekend, so I guess if you factor it all together, I shouldn’t be surprised.

Over the weekend I:
  1. Took a friend to an appointment on Friday evening, during the snow.
  2. Watched the first half of the UK-South Carolina basketball game with A on Saturday.
  3. Went on the weekly grocery run with A.
  4. Watched Doctor Doolittle (the original, with Rex Harrison, which came out the year I was born) with YKWIA. I loved it. It had very good points about animal welfare and vegetarianism, along with race relations, especially given its time.
  5. Helped straighten up my friend’s library and shelved books. I really should put it on my résumé—his library is actually bigger than mine at work, at least in terms of number of books, I find information for him, and I do everything a librarian would do for a patron.
  6. Played a little Moon Tycoon.
  7. Worked on the game notes.
  8. Cleaned house for our roleplaying game on Sunday.
  9. Played the Call of Cthulhu game.
Yesterday after work I went to the pharmacy, made some food for YKWIA, and helped him with a monthly project. We also watched an episode of ‘Hart of Dixie’ and some YouTube videos. I got home about 10 pm and pretty much went straight to bed, although the frustration of trying to embed the last post’s video made me get back up and get the computer rather than my phone. So I think I made it to sleep about midnight, didn’t sleep well (although a little better than Saturday night), and woke up feeling tired this morning.

So tonight I’m at home. Things I need to do over the rest of the week outside of work:
  1. Go get a certified letter from the post office (not happening tonight—besides, I think it’s not available until tomorrow since they tried to deliver it today. That may be Thursday, Friday, or even the weekend. They won’t send it back till February.)
  2. Call my student loan servicer and discuss my options.
  3. Go to the pharmacy. They didn’t have my insulin in stock the other day when I was there. That will probably be Thursday. They’re closed right now, though.
  4. Go over my class materials tonight in preparation for tomorrow’s class.
  5. Work on the game notes (that I will try to do tonight).
  6. Go through some 14-day books from the library and do some reading.
  7. Get some real rest tonight.
  8. Go to an ear, nose, and throat doctor on Friday morning that my primary care physician referred me to.
The question is, dare I lie down for a bit and take a nap, or will it mean wasting the whole night? Maybe I'll play a little Moon Tycoon (it's a simulation game where you build moon bases) to relax and go from there. But I am going to go take off my bra and take out my contacts, etc., and get comfy.

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