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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Just got off the phone

With a Vonage representative.  I had called to cancel my phone service because it piggy-backs onto the high-speed Internet,  which I no longer have.  I explained that I have always had great service,  but that I don't have cable and am unlikely to get the connexion back for a couple of months or so.  I have been with them for eight and a half years,  so she really didn't want me to cancel.  She offered a deal that would halve my bill and increase service,  but of course,  I still don't have the Internet,  so that's a problem.  So she comped me two months' worth of service to give me time to find an Internet provider but still keep my phone number,  at the new rate.  Have I mentioned there are concrete reasons I am a loyal Vonage customer?  They once gave me a free month when I couldn't pay the bill years ago.  I've never forgotten that.

Anyway,  thank you,  Vonage!

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