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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Brrr ...

It's 5 degrees outside at the moment with a wind chill of -10, and it should fall to sub-zero for the air temperature tonight.  I've got the faucets dripping a bit and I've kicked the heat up to 68 degrees.  I'm in pyjamas instead of a sleep shirt or tank top and shorts.  The fan is not on,  which is rare. I'm fairly warm-natured,  but I am also a Southerner,  and we freeze quicker than our Northern cousins. :)

Today was very busy and stressful,  followed by some errands.  But I unwound  some with friends, and that helped.  Tomorrow I have a field of vision test and ophthalmology appointment. I also have to pay some bills,  including my rent. And work,  of course.  But supposedly not in scheduling,  since that's usually Monday through Wednesday. That will give me time to take care of the library and get caught up in the revenue cycle duties.  Yay!

Okay,  keep warm. Good night.

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