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Thursday, January 08, 2015

I took the tree down tonight

As we are past the Twelve Days of Christmas, which runs from Christmas through January 6th. It was nice to have up, but it did take up a lot of room in my front window. Now I can see my plants again, and I have watered them. The little Yule tree in the bedroom will stay decorated, I think. The ornaments are so tiny, they don’t really detract from the tree itself. Each ornament is about three-quarters of an inch in length or diameter.

I put the tree, whose box was really starting to fall apart, into a big plastic tub I had that was remarkably empty. The wreath fit in there as well. The ornaments and other decorations are in three copy boxes plus a small box. That includes the lights, the Chris-Moose family, a stocking, and the ceramic Santa my mom gave me that she made a long time ago. Those will go into the bottom of the bedroom closet; the tree pretty much has to go in the walk-in closet, but I put it on the side that rarely leaks, and the tub is well-sealed with a bedside commode and shower chair on top of it.

I essentially had to clean out the walk-in closet to do all this. There is a car load of electronic recyclables that can go, plus some cardboard boxes that are now empty. That gave me the opportunity to rearrange things, and I can actually walk into the closet at this point. :)

I still need to take that out to the car and, for the boxes, the recycling containers. But frankly it is quite frigid out there and I do not feel like hauling it out just yet, even though it would make things better in the house. I’ll take the electronics to the recycling centre on Saturday, so for now I’ll collect everything in one place, and then load it up on the weekend.

Today I went to the ophthalmologist. I took the dreaded field of vision test, which I hate. It’s not uncomfortable or anything, it just seems like I always feel like I’m not seeing all of the little lights. He didn't mention anything about that, but my pressure is still borderline, a little higher than it was last time. He thinks that it’s probably not quite as high as it reads, because my corneas are fairly thick, and that apparently causes the reading to be higher, but if it goes up at all, I’ll wind up having to take eye drops. So, I see him again in six months for another pressure check and pictures of my optic nerve.’

I picked up an interlibrary loan for a friend that I’d requested, and I got another DVD from Netflix in the mail that he can watch this weekend.

I made an appointment in February for a doctor to manage my psych meds. Next week I start an eleven-week class sponsored by NAMI that should be very helpful. It’ll mean very long Wednesdays, especially while I’m still working scheduling, as that is usually the biggest clinic day, and I won’t get out of the class until about 9 pm, so that’s over twelve hours of going non-stop on that day. But I hope it will help with one of my relationships.

Okay, here are things I still need to do tonight that don’t involve going back outside into the cold:
  1. Finish charging my glucometer.
  2. Vacuum up needles from the tree.
  3. Watch ‘The Big Bang Theory’, since I’m home tonight.
  4. Fix the fish tanks so each has enough water, the heaters are working correctly, and the filters are as well.
  5. Put my car insurance cards in my purse, as the old ones expire tonight, and then put them in the car tomorrow.
  6. Run a load of dishes.
  7. Get the sheets back on the bed; they’ve crept up and off their corners.
  8. Get some sleep!
Good night.

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