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Saturday, January 24, 2015

A full day

I managed to catch up on everything I needed to at work, and found out that,  yes,  the woman I've been filling in for is coming back on Monday,  yay!  So I'll be back in the library full-time  (although half as librarian,  half in my revenue cycle job).

I filed my taxes today.  I got both forms I needed yesterday and wasted no time. This year,  since my internet connexion is kaput,  I did it on my phone.  Turbo Tax has changed from charging for the state tax filing to charging to automatically fill in information from last year.  You do have the option to file for free,  but you have to both have and put in that information.  Since I wasn't at home,  I went ahead and had them deduct that amount from my refund, am option which may be new as well. I get a small refund compared to folks with kids or who own houses,  but it should help a great deal.  Here's to a quick turnaround.

We're experiencing our first significant snowfall tonight,  with some sleet earlier. There's over two inches in the ground so far,  a heavy,  wet snow perfect for snowballs and snowmen.  Tomorrow it's supposed to rain,  though,  so that may go away.

Okay,  I'm sleepy.  'Grimm' was great,  I had fun over with my friends,  but I'm glad to be home and warm and snuggy in my bed.  Good night.

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