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Monday, January 05, 2015

Sorry for the absence

I'd like to say I've been really busy, and I have been, really, but the last few days are sort of a blur of activities that I really can't comment on because I don't remember the order or substance of all of it. I did get everything on the new year's list finished except the fish tanks. I'll try to do that this week. But I did two weeks of notes (although the game was called this week), the book review (right under the wire). I got all four loads of laundry done and the bedroom looks much better, although I have a few things to do, like take the air mattress that had been in a tote that now houses summer clothes and put it in the car trunk so that if I'm stranded at my friends', I can sleep on that. I also need to dig out my old CPAP and put it in there, as I can't really sleep well without one. I do this each winter, and I'm a little late this time but the cold snap we're experiencing is really the first taste of winter since the snow on Halloween.

This is the first night in days when I didn't feel like heading straight to bed, or (when I was procrastinating the book review and notes) playing solitaire on the computer for just long enough to get sleepy. Yes, I know, not the best use of time, especially when there are other things to do, but it was relaxing.

I hope you've had a good start to 2015. Mine's going pretty well. My main resolution for the year is to try to manage my medication well. I've plugged it all into a medication reminder application on my phone. You can 'take' them individually or shake your phone to take all at once. Considering I take seven injections of three different medicines, plus six tablets once a day, and two tablets twice a day, for a total of ten tablets a day, and one inhaler as needed, this will hopefully help. I take different meds around 8 am, 9 am, noon, 4 pm, and bedtime, so that varies a lot, too. The application is called MediSafe, and it isn't obnoxious or anything; it notifies you with either pop-ups or notifications with the sound of a pill bottle shaking. So far I'm struggling (it is easy to just tell it you took something to get it out of the way), but it'll keep track of things and even things like refill times, prescribers, and if you designate it, a medication buddy who receives info to make sure you're complying. And yes, it's free.

Okay, I should probably sign off. Fortunately the 3 GB hotspot is working pretty well as far as not getting too much being used with each session. I think this will do well. But I don't want to spend too much time at any given time throughout the month. But I can use my phone, which has unlimited data, for most things, including blogging, but it's easier to use the laptop for long posts (without having to deal with autocorrect, for one). :) Anyway, have a good night.

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