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Saturday, January 17, 2015


Being sick plus being too poor to eat much plus taking my medicines on time equals really great blood sugar readings.  Lunch was 78, dinner 88. I've had a few crackers and a bit of cheese for each meal,  plus some vegetarian chili for lunch.

I started out my day paying $500 for medicine at the pharmacy.  Thank goodness for flexible spending accounts,  as that was my part,  and not quite all my monthly meds.  I am glad that the antibiotic I'm on is once a day,  so it's much easier to keep up with. I came back home,  took my meds,  ate,  and proceeded to nest in bed for hours. I feel somewhat better.  I'm going to stay home tonight,  at the urging of my friends,  and wait till tomorrow to do A's grocery run.  There's no game tomorrow due to my being ill, which is good,  because I don't even think I could work on the notes now, much less have the level of involvement the game takes.

Okay,  I hate to say it,  but I'm tired.  I think I'll put the phone back on blocking mode and sleep.  Good night.

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