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Friday, January 16, 2015

Not up to 'Grimm' tonight

So I went to the doctor,  and while the good news is I don't have strep,  the bad news is I have infections in both my left ear and sinuses. No one mentioned anything about being contagious or otherwise unable to work,  so I went on in,  and I managed to make it through work today,  but as night approached,  I felt worse,  so I came home about 7:30 pm from my friends' house,  even though I had originally planned to watch 'Grimm'  with YKWIA. Now I'm in bed, trying to breathe through my CPAP masque.  I've taken my late evening medicines and am turning in for the night.  Tomorrow I go to the pharmacy to pick up some meds  that will hopefully help.  I have a lot to do tomorrow,  but that's going to depend on how I feel.  Still,  they shot my butt up with some antibiotics today,  and last time it made a very quick difference.  So here's hoping...

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