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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Just got in from class

It has been a very long, yet productive day. I was in scheduling this morning, did the data entry duties this afternoon, took a friend to a doctor’s appointment, and still managed to make the first day of my class on time. It’s a class for learning more about various conditions and learning strategies for dealing with the challenges of caregiving. Considering it’s taught totally on the opposite side of town from where I was, I think I did pretty well. It being the first day, there were a lot of introductions and housekeeping. It’s a large class; we filled a conference room. It is a free class that goes for eleven weeks; I’m hoping my upcoming Chicago trip, which will probably be sometime in March, doesn’t interfere with the last class, which is graduation and a potluck.

I’ve been feeling pretty decent lately. Yes, I have had some stresses, especially in the finance department, but I took few minutes today and went through my various bills; most should be caught up by February if I’m very frugal, and I can hopefully call about my student loans and maybe get a temporary forbearance until I can catch up.

Tomorrow I have an endocrinologist appointment (must remember to run the figures off the glucometer on the desktop computer, which is physically attached to the printer and does not require a Wi-Fi connexion) and then Friday there’s one with my regular doctor. Thursday I need to run to the pharmacy and there’s ‘The Big Bang Theory’ on television. Friday night ‘Grimm’ comes back, and I’m keen to see what happens. Saturday we are (finally) taking a friend’s tree down (we had to wait after the end of the Christmas season—January 6th—and then he was out of town last week). I also have to take those electronic recyclables over to the collection centre. There’s the store run to make and game notes to do. And I should at some point fix the fish tanks, do the dishes, and take out the trash and recyclables (yes, I know, I’ve been saying so for days). Sunday should be the Call of Cthulhu game. So there should be a lot to do over the next several days.

Right now I am (finally) eating dinner, and I think I’ll try to read or listen to music in a little while and unwind some. Hope you had a good day.

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