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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Well, the morning was rough, but the day improved

I decided to forgo the Farmer's Market after all, as I felt rushed and couldn't really browse. I dropped my books off at the library but didn't go in. I did get the lease turned in, although I almost missed the agent and was actually pulling out of my parking space when she came walking up. Then I went over to my friends' house and we did the grocery run and some other projects, and watched some videos, had some fun. Tomorrow we're going to try some dog washing; three dogs, $12, one hour, thanks to Incredipet, since there's no game.

Feeling tired and I have a headache. I'm thinking of going on to bed early rather than doing some things I need to do around the house. They'll keep till tomorrow, I think. Hope your Saturday went well.

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