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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Still blah

Came home, slept, and now I'm up. Don't worry, I'm on all of my meds. This, too, shall pass. But it has reached an annoying level. I spent most of my day just trying to hold it together so I didn't cry or snap at anyone. The social niceties are a little harder to navigate, but I managed.  I have a social event Thursday and I hope I'm feeling better then. The drive across town in rush-hour traffic and back almost got me. Spending a little time with friends helped, especially the Big Bang Theory clip with Sheldon and Amy having Dungeons & Dragons sex (I am, or used to be much like Amy, although she is smarter). I'm finding I'm feeling both needy and standoffish at the same time, so I didn't stay too late. This should resolve soon; it's partly hormonal. I know that. And it's not the kind of lingering, heavy depression I've seen in others. Mine is cyclical; it will tip the other way eventually, or if I'm lucky, just back to balanced. Usually that's the case. Welcome to bipolar disorder II.

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