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Friday, June 28, 2013

So at least three nights running

I have come home, gone to sleep (sometimes as early as 6:30 pm, like I did today), slept for several hours, got up for a bit, and then struggled to get up in the morning. It's like I'm exhausted, even though I'm not really doing anything that should make it that way. My blood sugar is not unduly high (for me). I'm just curling up and going to bed. Than indicates an emotional reason to me, and that might be the case, but I won't go into it here. But I am sorry I've just been basically coming home, collapsing, and not doing much in the way of blogging.'

Let me say that I was incredibly happy to see the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) struck down, and that marriages can resume among gay couples in California. Plus the court dismissed some cases today, which were favourable to gays. I have two dear friends who have to been together for over fifteen years. I would love to see them get married. I recognise that Kentucky will no doubt be dragging its feet to join the ranks of states that will allow this; but I have faith it will happen.

Even now I seem very groggy and just out of it. I think I'll check my blood sugar, take my long-acting insulin, and head back to bed, even though it means getting nothing done tonight. Oh, and I'll run the dishwasher, which I loaded this morning before the Terminix guy came to do the apartment. I can at least say I got something done, then. :)

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