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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Today I:

  1. Cleaned my friends' house like I normally do on Sundays.
  2. Planted mint we'd rooted from some from the grocery outside in their yard.
  3. Helped wash three dogs at Incredipet's dog-washing station.
  4. Watched an enjoyable movie with a friend called The Four, which was in Chinese with English subtitles.
  5. Came home just as it was sprinkling.
  6. Got onto the laptop to blog and now it's raining buckets outside and lightning. Looks like I won't have to water the herbs.
Now I'm considering a small nap after such a busy day. I should do laundry, but I'm not going to while the rain is pouring down. Maybe it will clear up later. At least I do have some clean clothes left. Tomorrow I plan to do a little straightening up around the house, do dishes and laundry, and watch some of those videos, assuming nothing more important comes up. :)

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