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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Up kind of late...

tweaking and updating the laptop some more. The Windows updates were fairly straightforward; it's the HP ones that are taking forever. There were also some for Office, for my mouse program, and then there was the fact that it was time to take Norton off the thing because the trial had ended, I had replaced it with another I liked better, and it kept popping up saying there was a conflict and asking me to remove the other program. In other words, it wasn't doing anything anymore to protect my computer, just annoying me for choosing a rival. So off it went. I would have told them that (they kept trying to get me to buy a subscription to their product every step of the uninstall, progressively going down in price, then asking me to fill out a survey as to why) but I wasn't actually connected at that point and couldn't go online due to a driver installation going on. So I'll say it here. They basically annoyed me into removing the program.

Brandon and his wife are back safe from their post-vow renewal trip to the beach, for which I'm thankful. I spent awhile speaking to YKWIA on the phone right after I got Brandon's text. We had a long talk, which was enjoyable.

I'll probably regret going to bed late tomorrow, but I want to finish up these updates. Tomorrow I'm going to help YKWIA with the migration from Insight (our former cable company) to Time Warner (our new one) in terms of computer stuff. I'll have to do that as well, so I might as well figure out what to do. So tomorrow will be quite a bit of computer fun. :)

One last thing, as I know she sometimes reads my blog: Happy birthday to my aunt, Sharon Karnes! She and my uncle are library folks, too. Hope it's a great one!

I think I'm getting closer to the end of the installations....Good night.

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