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Saturday, June 22, 2013

I guess the universe is taking care of me, after a fashion

I have curtailed my soda intake, and I haven't had any Diet Sunkist, which has 180 mg of sodium per 20 oz. bottle, whereas Diet Coke has 70 and Diet Pepsi has 60. I have had a Diet Pepsi today, but considering I usually drink 3-4 20 oz. sodas as a minimum and sometimes, like on game day, 1 or 2 2-litres, I think I'm doing pretty well. But I was getting terribly sleepy while working on the game notes (despite a little nap earlier) and I decided I needed some more caffeine. I went over to the laundry room and put the money in, got one. Then I decided to get one for later. A regular Coke came out. Thinking I'd hit the wrong button, I put money in again. Another regular Coke came out. :( Apparently they'd mixed them in to the Diet Coke slot. One of my neighbours was out walking her dog and I asked if she drank regular Coke, and her husband does, so I gave them to her. At least I got one out of the bunch. (Sorry A, I would have brought you them, but figured you're trying to watch your intake and you usually choose Diet).

I'm working on the notes, but it is time for a break. I'll come back in a little while and start working on them again. We played for a lot longer than normal and most of this was investigation, so it'll take quite awhile to finish.

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