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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Been doing some more computer maintenance on the laptop

I scanned for viruses (yay, found none, which was a concern as it had been unprotected for awhile) and had a program analyse problems, and it found several thousand junk files and several hundred registry issues. I suspect it's because my friends had it and had some stuff on it, then took it off. The hard drive isn't fragmented, at least. The whole thing was running slow as molasses, especially during the antiviral scan, but now it's working like a charm. I just hope I didn't accidentally remove something important. :) Anyway, it seems to have helped. I'm in my trial period for the security program, but I'll probably go ahead and get a year's worth of protection before the month is up. I still have a few Office updates to do.

Tomorrow I'm off from work, although I have two appointments lined up that will take up most of the day. The first is that I'm going to the post office to apply for a passport and get a photo taken. I'm not actually planning a trip, but at some point I'd like to travel outside of the US (remarkably, I was an Air Force brat and never did so). The Medical Library Association meeting in 2015, for example, is in Canada, which now requires a passport or passport card for entry from the United States. I never could get through to the post office nearest me, so I'm going to Lexington's main post office on Nandino, but then my office, the Bluegrass station on Landsdowne, isn't particularly near me, either. :) Then I have an appointment with my doctor about my swelling ankles. Yeah, kind of boring, I know, but it's become a problem. I can't get into any of my shoes towards the end of the day except my adjustable sandals, and even then I push the envelope on those, with the velcro barely holding together sometimes on the ankle that was broken. I need a diuretic according to the podiatric surgeon. Tomorrow I also need to go by the pharmacy to pick that up and my short-acting insulin, as I only have a pen and a half left of that, and I want to make sure I have plenty for the weekend. I think I'll also stop by the Y and see about finally working out.

Tonight's plans are laundry, dishes, and well, that's about it. Maybe I should fill the fish tank, too; it's kind of low. I want to take a brief nap, but that worked so well last night. :) Of course, I'm not super tired like I was, so maybe I can do it.

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