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Friday, June 21, 2013

It is a day when things are not going according to plan

  1. Got to the passport office; their camera wasn't working. Then they figured out the problem (a bad power strip), but it turns out I needed one more piece of paperwork that wasn't mentioned anywhere (because of my name change, where they marked out my old name on my birth certificate and put in the new name, even though the case # and date, etc., is all on the certificate, I still need the court order). The lady was very nice and asked me if I could come back at 4, which is technically after they close, to finish the application, since tomorrow she's booked.
  2. My doctor's office is in a building where there are two elevators. One has been out for about two or three weeks apparently. The other went out today, and the people fixing it had all gone to lunch when I got there. So it was up four flights of stairs and an asthma attack for me.
  3. I waited nearly two hours to see the doctor, which took less than five minutes, and then no one, either the phlebotomist or doctor (who usually does well), could stick me and get any blood out of me today, even after three sticks and several searches for veins. I now have an order to drink lots of water and go to an outside lab for my blood draw. But they are sending in my diuretic and potassium to the pharmacy so I can get those today. I am to limit my sodium intake, which includes my favourite drink, diet soda. YKWIA will be pleased; he's been trying to get me off them for years. For the record, I am drinking ice water right now.
Well, at least I remembered to pay one of my bills by five so it will be considered on time. I really want to take a nap, but I have to leave in about ten minutes with the paperwork to head all the way across town to the post office. I want to get there a little before four just in case she forgot. Actually, I should go ahead and get ready to go. I'll write later.

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