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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Getting things done

I had a huge list of things to get accomplished this weekend and made a lot of progress towards completing it.

Today's completed tasks:

  1. Wash, dry, and fold roommate's laundry and some table  linens
  2. Clean our masks
  3. Put roommate's medical information in my phone
  4. Put away dishes
  5. Load dishwasher
  6. Wash plastics
  7. Take out the trash
  8. Take out the recyclables
  9. Straighten up utility room
  10. Go to the pharmacy
  11. Do a small grocery trip
  12. Make bread
  13. Clean the bathroom
  14. Get rid of expired milk
  15. Go through the produce
  16. Read
  17. Listen to music
  18. Take a nap
  19. Feed the animals and let the dogs out
Plans for tomorrow:
  1. Get dog food and a couple of items from the grocery
  2. Change the cat litter and pads
  3. Sweep the floors
  4. Mop the floors
  5. Find some important papers
  6. Take a shower
  7. Re-pot the olive trees into a pot with better drainage
  8. Clean out my nightstand drawers
  9. Bills
  10. My laundry

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