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Sunday, April 08, 2018


My orchids at home are getting ready to bloom again (well, a couple of them):

I'm training the stem on this one; it's yellow.  This will be the fourth time it blooms for me.

This one is just sending out a stem.  I'm not sure of the colour; I got two that were on manager's special at the same time, and I don't remember which is which or what colours there were. I think one was white with magenta spots.  Both were pretty, though.
Wednesday there is a meeting of the Bluegrass Orchid Society, with a talk on general orchid culture being given, along with orchids, media, etc., for sale. [I can't afford anything right now, but it's worth a look.]  I'd like to go. It's at 7 pm over in a church on Bellefonte Drive and is free. A late acquaintance was heavily involved in the club; that's how I know about it.  I think I'll finally go.

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