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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Taking a break

Listening to Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Game'--that man's voice is pure sex.

The living room was where I decided to start, especially with my penchant for opening the blinds and windows and the fact you can see right in without the sheers I had up for so long. I've done very well at getting it in order, and except for some minor things like dusting and vacuuming, it looks much better. I can actually sit on the couch, which I tend to use as a landing area when I come in (yeah, I know, that's not what it's for). I think I'll do those little things that are left and decide this room is my main project for the day. There's no sense in trying to do everything today. I have part of tomorrow, after all (I'll work on the bathroom, which just needs a once-over, and the kitchen). I will try to put my little bit of laundry together tonight so it's ready for tomorrow. Monday evening after work I'll tackle the dining room. Tuesday a friend has an appointment, so I'll probably be over there. Wednesday I should be able to work on the bedroom, as Thursday is another evening appointment for him. Friday's 'Grimm', assuming we watch it that night. We will be playing next week unless something comes up with Brenda's meetings, so that leaves Saturday, possible, to do anything else left.

The ants appear to be taking the bait. Yay! So often they put those things down at work and the ants ignore it.

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