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Thursday, April 14, 2016

I'm officially online again

  1. Modem received, connected, and activated? Check!
  2. Wireless router connected, configured, and working? Check!
  3. Vonage router connected and phone working? Check!
  4. Computer works either with Ethernet or Wi-Fi connexion? Check!
  5. Printer connected via Wi-Fi? Check!
  6. Printer printing? Check!
So it took awhile, but I got all my ducks in a row, finally. I had specifically asked for the same level of Internet I had before, which was 20 Mbps and came with a wireless modem all-in-one. Instead, I got standard Internet (which, granted, is cheaper by $10), which is 15 Mbps, has a wired-only modem, etc. Fortunately I still had my old wireless router, and was able to find the cord for it as well (they had become separated). Everything else was still in place, so I hooked it all back up to the modem in the correct order, reconfigured the connexion on the laptop and the printer. I couldn't get the printer to print via the USB, but it will wirelessly, so I'll worry about that when I get the desktop back. Besides, I think I had that set up via Ethernet anyway. I had expressly asked them to FedEx my cable modem to my workplace rather than my home, since I've hardly ever been able to get packages via post or UPS at my apartment, and I figured this would be no different. Apparently they sent it to my home address anyway, but they took it to the leasing office, and when I checked if it had been delivered (which was a conundrum, as the truck had already been to work and it hadn't arrived), I noticed our leasing agent's name on the signature rather than anyone from materials management at work. So I went by and got it.

I also went to the doctor today and was told my wrist issues are not in my wrist at all, but stem from my neck, so he's given me an order to return to physical therapy and work on my core in an attempt to help my posture so my neck doesn't slip a bit and pinch nerves. Dr. Favetto is really big into posture. We have a new employee at work who came from there and when I mentioned I had an appointment, she said he'd tell me to work on my posture, which he did years ago when I went, and then repeated this time. :)

Anyway, I should be posting more now that I'm online more reliably. Okay, it's been a long and somewhat exhausting day. I think I'll go relax a bit. Good night!

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