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Friday, April 15, 2016

Oh, dear

So I came home and immediately noticed that I had mini-blinds. That in itself isn't a problem; I knew I was getting them and I wanted them. But, I thought they were going to put them in next week, giving me the weekend to excavate the bedroom and to move the plants and boards and blocks from in front of the living room windows. Apparently they worked around the plants and the mess. I decided to go ahead and put the geraniums, which are quite large (there are three, divided into two window boxes, having overwintered two years now) out onto the sill outside. While I was out sprucing them up and watering them, the maintenance guy who put in the blinds drove up and assured me that he hadn't moved the plants, but that he'd had to take my sheers down because they go on the inside of the windows just where the blinds need to be. I told him that was fine, and apologised for the mess, but he said that was no problem. I must admit, I am embarrassed. I actually had dirty clothes on the bedroom floor, for example, including underwear.

Anyway, I like the blinds. The sun was streaming nicely through them when I got home. The weird thing about them is that while the bedroom one fits the single window, the blinds in the living room are not two singles, but one large one (there are two windows, together, making one large space). It's kind of nice, but I didn't expect it, although if I'd really looked at my neighbours' windows, I would have already figured that out. Fortunately too, I don't have cats anymore, as cats are death to blinds. I did move out the geraniums (after talking to him and calling the office--my leasing agent had told me the reason for the blinds was to make everything look uniform, and I wanted to make sure the plants were okay). She's off, but the assistant said she'd double-check when her boss gets back Tuesday, and in the meantime, go ahead and put them out. So the only thing down in the sill now is my antenna for the TV. The blinds allow a lot more manipulation of what people see, but with the geraniums being so tall, the blinds could only be down about half to two-thirds of the way down, and I wanted the chance to put them down completely. I also rearranged the other plants so there's more space, and the ants are terribly annoyed, as I removed their source of water, the fountain. I put one of the bushier plants in front of the window so that I had a bit of a screen between the window and me sitting at the computer.

The forecast is 70s in the day, 50s for the evening for awhile, and sunny for the next few days, so I think the geraniums will be fine, and they were only moved about four inches in front of where they'd been, so the sun shouldn't burn them. The bees and other insects have already shown interest; they were trying to get through the screen earlier, big bumble bees, because two of the geraniums are blooming. All the rearranging will help me be able to open and close the windows better.

It's 6 pm. 'Grimm' is on at 9 pm, and I'll be going over to YKWIA's for that, probably about 8 pm. I think I may lie down for about 45 minutes right now. It's cloudier than when I got home, but the windows are open and the temperature is pleasant, although I'd like to be nearer to the fan. I still plan on getting things done around the house thie weekend, though.

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