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Friday, April 29, 2016

I'm off from work today

because it was a light clinic day and I had things to do that required being off 9-5, and while I may regret it in the long run (I don't have much Personal Time Off (PTO) at all, and Memorial Day's around the corner), it's really been nice. I got up at the normal time, though, and so far I have:
  1. Called and arranged for someone to take the paper to the library, since Friday's has the Weekender and is more popular.
  2. Gotten my car tags renewed.
  3. Picked up a book on the Medici family during the Italian Renaissance from the library downtown.
  4. Stopped by McDonald's for breakfast (they gave me regular Coke, ugh, but otherwise it was decent).
  5. Picked up a friend, stopped by a gas station for drinks and his newspaper, and took him to an appointment.
  6. Waited outside in the car with the windows rolled down, reading the Medici book, for about an hour. I also downloaded a couple of phone applications and laid the seat back, enjoying the pleasant breeze and sunlight.
  7. Took my friend home.
  8. Got a call from the allergist that my phials are in, so I can start allergy shots. They were getting ready to close for lunch, so I came on home, got my Epi-Pens transferred to my bag, and now I'm killing some time listening to the Eurythmics and A Flock of Seagulls on an 80s alternative music channel on Pandora. I've got the windows of the apartment open.
Things to do the rest of the day:
  1. Get my allergy shots.
  2. Go grocery shopping.
  3. Pay bills.
  4. Exercise.
  5. Work on the house.
  6. Print out some papers for a friend, whose printer is out of ink.
  7. Take that friend to an appointment mid-afternoon.
  8. Go get the new SD card for my CPAP machine and try the new masque the doctor recommended, see if it fits.
  9. Pick up a friend for an evening appointment.
  10. Take another friend to get his bus pass.
  11. Watch 'Grimm'.
So, yes, busy day, but yay for productivity so far. I think I'll print those pages out before doing anything else. The allergist's office opens back up at 1:30 pm. Then I can deliver the pages when I pick my friend up.

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