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Sunday, April 17, 2016

I so did not sleep well last night

I tossed and turned, and could never get in a comfortable position. My back hurt if I stretched out on my back. If I was on my left side, my shoulder and arm hurt (from the neck issues), and if I was on my right side, my neck itself hurt. Plus I had an awful headache--and that was with a mild muscle relaxant and some Aleve, which hurt my stomach, too. Not good. Also, I had bizarre dreams where I ate my glasses and everything was precise and kind of obsessive-compulsive. Finally, even the sound of the fan, not so much blowing, but settling into place before going to the next breeze cycle, was bothering me, but the breeze itself was helping me to get what sleep I did.

I'm a mess. I can't even manage to sleep right.

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