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Saturday, April 30, 2016

I'm not sure if I just kicked butt

or if it kicked mine, but the first thing I did this morning (when I woke up before my alarm, feeling rested) was open the windows, put on my workout clothes, and then I headed over to the gym. I walked at about 2.0-2.5 mph for fifteen minutes, and while my heart rate went up to where it should be and I had a light sweat, that's where you want to be, so I was doing pretty well, so well, in fact, that I decided to go on the recumbent bike for another 15 minutes, mostly at 15 mph.

That was probably too much at one time. I haven't been active, so I need to start small, either divide them up in 10 minute blocks or do one or the other, because I got to where I could barely talk (which isn't good), I had sweat pouring down my hair, even in my ears (my headphones were slipping a lot), and I felt like I couldn't do it any more. But I did persevere, finished it, and then came back outside, where it was blissfully about 58 degrees, and walked home. I was doing fine until I came down the stairs, and had sudden pain in my ankle, the one that broke a few years ago when I was hit by a car. I carefully made it down the stairs with it hurting, got into the house, tried to take off my shoes, and it was doing the same. I got the shoes off, got some water, gingerly, and now I'm sitting down and taking a bit of a rest. I took the phone and plugged it into a speaker, so the same playlist is going as when I was exercising. I feel sweaty and stinky, and desperately need a shower. But I don't want my ankle going out from under me there, so I'm going to just sit here a bit and just take my meds and eat breakfast. I had felt energised after walking, now I feel drained. But I did reach my goal.

My physical therapist had suggested walking as a way to increase the strength of my core; my podiatrist suggested the bike because there's not as much pressure on the foot bones and muscles. But I think the bike was what did me in, and not because I'd already been on the treadmill--I think the rotation made my ankle hurt, and I had some trouble with my knees, too. I think I'll try each separately and see how I do, and if the bike is still an issue, just stick with walking, which is still fairly low-impact, good for your back, and I know I can do for awhile before I'm in danger of hurting myself.

I'd say the masque was a success, since I woke up early and felt good. My face wasn't as puffy, either. I had to keep the other fairly tight to keep it from become unsealed, and my face would have morning edema as a result, getting all swollen and puffy. This morning I just looked like me when I came in and washed my face.

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