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Sunday, April 10, 2016

I don't normally blog on Sundays

Mainly because that is the day I play Call of Cthulhu,  and it's an all day thing,  between cleaning and playing and a few things afterwards,  usually from about 9 am to 10ish pm,  and actual play time is about 5-6 hours.

We had a good adventure tonight,  a time-traveling one involving shoggoths and Elder Things, along with dinosaurs. It was fun.  Six shoggoths coming towards him made one of Brenda's characters go mad temporarily (it would most people--Google 'shoggoth' if you're curious,  especially images),  but at least it was after we kept them from rampaging into the town of Arkham through a time gate.  Since there's not much we can do about shoggoths,  we picked him up and just ran for our lives,  getting back to the time machine and getting out of there. We dropped him off somewhere he could get help,  and hopefully we'll return to Massachusetts in 2011 forthwith. (The time machine,  like the Doctor's TARDIS, is a bit sketchy at times,  and we were on the Titanic briefly about two hours before it met the iceberg at one point.)

After the game,  I made YKWIA some fish and rice and we watched a great episode of 'Ugly Betty',  I helped him find something which was unfortunately accidentally placed in the trash and taken outside,  but was undamaged and contains one of my character's family tree along with their psychic gifts,  so I was happy to root through a bag for it.

Now I'm home,  happy,  content,  and in bed., ready for the workweek. Hope your weekend went well.  Tomorrow should be warmer (in the 70s, as opposed to 50s). Yay!  I may wear a skirt.  I'll check to see how windy it will be,  though.  :)  Good night.

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