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Saturday, April 16, 2016

A productive day so far

I am now in possession of a new drivers's licence, which will be good until 2020. Kentucky may have to change their licences to meet the Real ID law's requirements, but if I need to fly before, or even after they make the change (I think they'll have a regular licence and one that is more expensive that complies for flying in the works, judging from something I read in the paper), I have my passport and passport card, so that should suffice. This time there was an option to put a Donate Life (organ donation) icon on the front. I always sign mine (and there's still a space for that--I'll try to get my friends to witness that tomorrow), but it's nice that they have the option. The picture, as usual, is atrocious. (Note to the Commonwealth of Kentucky: having cameras where you look down at the bottom of the camera accentuates double chins horribly. We have an obese population here in the state, maybe we could look up a bit instead?) :) The office wasn't busy at all, and operated quite smoothly. Considering they're only open 9-12 on every third Saturday, I was surprised. I had to go to Keithshire Way, which is over between Reynolds Road and Clays Mill, so pretty much across town for me, but still, it was pleasant. It's a gorgeous day, in the 60s and 70s, sunny, wonderful. I saw a guy on a skateboard 'walking' his two dogs (they were running ahead, enjoying the weather).

My 'nieces' (the dogs) were asking to go outside almost immediately after they came in, just pausing long enough for some water. They're basking and rolling. :)

I visited with one friend, took someone on an errand, had a serious discussion, and now I'm basically back home, as I still need to do the notes, which hopefully won't take too long, although we did do an adventure, rather than downtime, so maybe it will. But first I have to find my laptop bag, as the computer has been plugged in like a desktop to various things--speakers, mainly, and I haven't taken it anywhere since Sunday. I thought it was here in the living room but I don't see it. Maybe it's unders some stuff on the couch. I also need to do some more spring cleaning if I can get the notes finished in a timely fashion. But the laptop bag has the voice recorder in it, and it has the session recorded. Hmm....

But first, I'm getting something to eat and drink. I've opened the windows, and I have the radio on. I may take a walk later--it really is wonderful outside. I saw one of my-coworkers, who is also a neighbour, out walking his pug. It makes me wish I had a dog of my own to take on walkies, but hey, it's probably just as well. Besides, I'm an auntie to the dogs, and that's enough.

PS The laptop bag, and recorder, was in the living room, at the base of the couch, under a tote bag. I really have to straighten things up. But first, I really need to work on those notes. :)

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